Document Translation Services

          … for businesses

Your customers expect clear, concise and useful communications from you, regardless of language.

Latitude48 Translation’s team of approved translators can work with you to communicate effectively. Whether business correspondence, financial records, internal documentation or print or online materials for marketing and advertising, we can help you achieve great results. We work with translators with the appropriate subject-matter and industry-specific knowledge, to ensure the utmost in clarity, accuracy and usability. All of our translations go through our extensive Quality Control Process.

Here are some representative document types that we have worked on for companies and businesses worldwide
•    Annual reports
•    Financial records
•    Business Correspondence
•    Newsletters
•    Contracts
•    HR Forms and policies
•    Training materials
•    Advertising
•    Product packaging
•    Presentation materials
•    Import/Export documentation
•    insurance materials

          … for law firms

“Legalese” may be a language unto itself. Latitude48 Translation understands that the nature of legal documentation requires a special skill set. We work with translators who understand the intricacies of legal terminology. Because of the importance of legal translation, we select professional translators with both legal subject matter expertise, but also expertise in the case subject matter. For example, for a translation of a patent application of a computer hardware component, our translators must have expertise in computer hardware engineering, patent law and language specialty. Many of the translators that we work are practicing attorneys in their respective countries. All of our translations go through our extensive Quality Control Process.

We offer translation services for attorneys practicing in:
•    General business
•    Employment
•    Intellectual Property, both for submission and infringement litigation
•    Internet law
•    Litigation materials, including discovery and evidentiary materials
•    Estate planning
•    Immigration
•    Mergers and Acquisitions
•    Antitrust

          … for individuals

Translation of documentation takes on a new importance when the subject matter is you. When you are traveling or moving abroad, or immigrating to the U.S., having your personal documentation translated accurately is of the greatest importance. All of our translations go through our extensive Quality Control Process. In most cases, translation of personal documentation needs to be certified. Latuitude48 Translation works with translators who have passed professional exams in the field on translation in the country of their residence or are government authorized translators. Accompanying any certified translation is a notarized certificate of translation accuracy stating the qualifications of the translator and sealed by a notary.

Sample document types for Individuals include:
•    birth certificates
•    marriage certificates
•    divorce decrees
•    immigration documents
•    educational credentials
•    employment records
•    letters of reference
•    résumés/CVs
•    financial records
•    wills

Web Content Localization Services

If you want to penetrate international markets or even communicate in the multilingualism of the United States, a multilingual and culturally adaptable web presence is absolutely imperative. If you currently have an English-language company website, you’ve already invested a significant amount of time and money. Latitude48 Translation can help you make the most of what you have and adapt your existing website for a more truly global presence. We can also work with you to keep your content up-to-date, all over the world.

The intricacies of multi-platform web design become far more complex when you’re designing for multiple languages. To help simplify the process, Latitude48 Translation offers a streamlined approach that includes:

•    Assessment of language, graphics, design, code and functionality across all target markets
•    Translation and review by experienced professional translators
•    Functional testing and certification to confirm that the new site works as well as your original English version, while protecting site integrity across multiple platforms, browsers and languages, done by native language speaker.